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Bridging the Gap for Growing Organizations

Your business is constantly evolving. As need change at the departmental and team level, managers can find that there is a gap between the advanced skills required for growth and innovation, and the capabilities of their current team. Over time, that gap can widen and become a significant competitive detriment to your business.

Urgenci Atlantic specializes in bridging that gap for mid-level and enterprise organizations. Our human resource consultants understand your growth trajectory and objectives and analyze the missing pieces of your talent requirement. Whether that is for a specific project, or to augment and enhance workflows that are underperforming.

From our diagnostic talent review (which may also include an evaluation of workflow technology improvements) our team at Urgenci Atlantic will source top tier contractors or permanent hires of talented professionals willing, qualified and available to work with your team.

Augment Your Talent With a Strategic Team of Contract Professionals

If your business is planning a large expansion or special project that will require talent resources you don’t currently have, contractors are a logical choice. Many organizations however struggle to formulate a team of contractors who can assist with short or long-term projects.

Some of the challenges and threats that businesses face when they independently source contract professionals include:

  • Concerns about tenure and loyalty. Once you have onboarded the contract professional into your team, will they leave if another opportunity is presented to them?  In the middle of your project?
  • Trustworthiness and reputation. Can the contractor be trusted with sensitive information about product or service development and intellectual property?
  • Will the contractor(s) integrate well with your existing team?
  • How do you find the best and most qualified professionals with the skills you need to execute your project?
  • How do you avoid co-employment conflicts and risks? Our concierge recruitment of contractors involves a thorough background check regarding non-compete clauses, and a review of existing obligations to ensure the contract professionals are focused on the success of your project.

The advantages of augmenting your team with contract labor include controlled costs and access to competitive technological and industry talent.  Employers may also have the opportunity to hire high-performing contractors that have proven to be an ideal fit, in terms of skills, culture and cooperative relationship building with other members of your team.

Many organizations outsource to augment staffing as it also supports the professional development of employees who learn new approaches and concepts, by working with the contractor(s) on the project.  In some cases, organizations seek out contract candidates in other countries to expose their staff to new problem-solving approaches, processes and cultural viewpoints specific to a product or service.

Managers that work with contract talent on project, are also able to analyze and identify skills and performance over time.   And if you want to discuss hiring them full-time to join your team? We can help you review the contractor’s aggregate performance on the project and help present and negotiate the employment offer.

At Urgenci Atlantic, we can take a local, national or global approach to helping client’s source leading talent for temporary to long-term projects.  It is a concierge approach to finding you the perfect integrative candidate to advance your product or project development.

Let's Grow Together!