Working with businesses at every level of the growth cycle; from start-up to large enterprise organizations, Urgenci Atlantic is a valuable resource for businesses planning or commencing a global business expansion.

Do you have the right teams and processes in place, to prepare your business for global expansion, and entry into a new international market?  Our human resource and workflow optimization (KAAS) consultants will help you analyze where stop-gap procedures can be improved with real solutions, to help enhance the performance and productivity of your business teams and departments. 

Urgenci Atlantic is your strategic provider and partner in concierge recruitment.  We take holistic view of organizational performance needs to help our start-up, mid-level and corporate clients define essential roles, and source the top 3% of candidates for selection, to fulfill those needs and ready your business for competitive national or global growth.

We Service the Following Types of Companies


Working with specific business units within your organization, Urgency Atlantic provides advanced technological consulting, workflow evaluation and analysis to determine where productivity improvements can be made. We can provide consulting specific to a department, or organization wide analysis and I.T. recommendations to reduce costs and enhance competitive performance.


We help mid-market businesses build structured technology solutions that prepare them for global growth. From communication systems and intranets, to specialized human resource development and recruitment, we’ll help you lay the foundation you need now to support future business growth. Don’t just hire employees, structure each department into an efficient and productive team.


For technology start-ups, acquiring the talent you need to scale in the tech sector is one formidable challenge. Retention of the talent you recruit for your business is another important vertical that requires an effective strategy, in an increasingly competitive market. Urgenci Atlantic helps build personalized recruitment solutions that focus on your culture and a meaningful onboarding experience that help start-up’s retain top talent.

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Comprehensive Services

Workflow Optimization Analysis and RAAS (Recruitment as a Service)

Beyond search and acquisition of leading industry talent for your organization, Urgenci Atlantic assists start-up businesses, mid-level and medium sized organizations and corporations implement people analytics. 

Our team of consultants begins with a study of your department or business unit to improve and address critical functional, technological, communication and cultural team dynamics.  Executives can rely on Urgenci Atlantic as a strategic partner in talent management, helping businesses advance objectives by identifying performance and workflow challenges, recommending and implementing technology solutions, and focused concierge recruiting. The costs of recruiting in certain competitive niches like legal, finance or technology are continuing to climb.  Not only is it getting more expensive to conduct searches for qualified employees, it is more difficult to retain your newly acquired talent, because if they are top performers, everyone else wants them too. Urgenci Atlantic provides RAAS or Recruitment as a Service, which is an asset to start-ups and organizations that routinely make hires in high-demand roles. Tired of competing with ‘the big guys’ for top talent? We provide a team dedicated to recruiting for your business.  Let us do the search and present you with the best candidates for your selection, saving time and money.

Business Systems & Strategy

Is your technology strategy aligned with the lifecycle and growth trajectory of your business? Our cloud and integration strategy involves an analysis of current systems, application architecture, data management and security. Will your current systems still provide optimized services if your business grows by 20% in the next five years? We’ll help with a risk analysis and competitive review of what other companies in your niche are doing right now, to future proof their operations and technology systems, and guide the change management objectives for your organization.

Application Development

As businesses grow, the most affordable option is packaged software. But while these solutions are affordable during the growth phase, in the long run, they do not provide the agile solutions or capabilities that most businesses need to scale. Which is why customized application development is a key service we provide our mid-level and enterprise clients. The best software solution is the one that is built custom for your needs.

I.T. Infrastructures Cloud & ITSM

ITSM consulting from Urgenci Atlantic, is more than an evaluation of the how your I.T. infrastructure currently works (processes, services, hardware etc.). It is a holistic view of your entire technology infrastructure to determine where ITSM tools and services can be used to automate and manage things like licenses, patching, configuration management and other time and cost saving solutions.

BI, Data & Analytics

How are you collecting your data, and is your business analyzing and visualizing that data as part of strategic planning and decision making for business processes? Optimizing operational efficiency requires an analysis of historical data and present data sets; BI tools make reviewing that data easier, and simplifies reporting of trends and insights, while improving data security and monitoring access of IP assets.

T&M and SOW Consulting

Time and material (T&M) contracting and consulting services are available from Urgenci Atlantic, in North Carolina. This model of consulting is appropriate for businesses who may not know the full scope of the project and wish to have flexibility to add more time or reduce time and focus in certain I.T., analytic, custom development or recruitment service areas. Time for the project is tracked on an hourly basis if preferred or can be provided on a per project basis (SOW) with defined outcomes and timelines for our enterprise customers.

KaaS (Knowledge as a Service)

How does your business face growth challenges from regional, national or global disruptors within your industry? Utilizing industry experts and strategic consultants from Urgenci Atlantic, your organization can evaluate threats and opportunities, implement technological or workforce and leadership improvements that can help you grow in a constantly changing and competitive global business environment. Our consultants at Urgenci Atlantic are industry specialists, with decades of experience in your industrial or service niche. You will work only with consultants who have deep analytical insights specific to your business practice. From lean start-up models to preparation for multinational global expansion, we help businesses grow.

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