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Managing the resources of your organization with an eye on profitability and growth. That is the focus and trajectory of American businesses development. Urgenci Atlantic provides KaaS (Knowledge as a Service) consulting services, to bridge the gap in workforce planning strategy, workflow optimization and technology, for national and globally competitive American businesses.

Digital transformation is not an end-goal for enterprise organizations; it is a constant work in progress that evaluates workflows, looks for redundancies and inefficiencies, while creating processes that same time and money, to support rapid growth. In an increasingly competitive global business environment, the competitive edge is agility.  And what is needed to remain agile as business systems and information management continues to evolve quickly, is technology and strategic talent acquisition.

woman owned & managed

Christina Tomasco - Urgenci Atlantic

Christina Tomasco

Managing Partner
With over 25 years of experience as an executive business consultant, Christina Tomasco has assisted Start-ups, Mid Market and Fortune 50 organizations with technology integrations, strategic planning, program delivery, accounting, finance and reporting systems. Christina has provided expert consulting in the areas of logistical and supply chain management strategies, market research, regulatory and compliance consulting for businesses in merger and acquisition activities, angel and venture capital funding, operational guidance and resources for businesses expanding into new international markets.

Ray Tomasco - Urgenci Atlantic

Ray Tomasco

Providing insights and strategic consulting to American-owned businesses engaged in global expansion, Ray Tomasco is an agile solutions provider for start-up businesses, SMEs, mid-level and enterprise organizations. Ray Tomasco provides expert guidance on international compliance, PEOs and business modeling and solutions customized for each business and their unique needs. Ray is a global recruitment and human resource leader, consulting on issues including legal requirements, labor law, human resource management, benefits and payroll solutions, with a focus on EMEA and APAC countries.

Urgenci Atlantic - Our Mission for Executive Recruitment

Our Mission

  • To serve and become known for exceptional client relationships.
  • Build characterization by trustworthiness, expertise, competent execution and value driven solutions.
  • Provide clients with remarkable consultative talent capable of delivering innovative, scalable services and solutions.
  • Resolve the most urgent business and technology challenges and advance our clients’ overall growth and performance.
Urgenci Atlantic - Our Vision for Startup Consultants Recruiting

Our Vision

  • Mutual Respect
  • Collaboration & Teamwork
  • Uncompromising Integrity
  • Trustworthiness & Accountability
  • Excellence Without Compromise

We don't do 'one size fits all'

American businesses rely on our consultants at Urgenci Atlantic, to identify opportunities, software and systems and personnel requirements that create measurable impact, improving productivity, optimizing human capital and reducing costs.  We plan, design, organize and then coordinate selection and implementation of technology solutions for our clients, including financial systems, service and inventory, inbound and outbound sales and marketing, human resource management and more.

At Urgenci Atlantic, we don’t do ‘one size fits all’. We take the time to fully indoctrinate the needs, goals and values of our clients and tailor customized technology and resourcing solutions.  Urgenci Atlantic is a woman owned and managed business (WOSB) that is headquartered in Charlotte North Carolina.  We provide national and global support for American businesses.

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