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C-Level executives, Vice Presidents, CIOs, directors and managers who are responsible for the digital transformation and leadership of their organization utilize our expert team of consultants to find the right solutions for long-term growth.

Urgenci Atlantic bridges the gap between identifying critical technology needs for organizations and assessing where new tech can be applied to improve productivity, and global competitiveness. We help businesses navigate the difficult process of diagnosing process analysis and improvement, while offering expert advice and assistance to procure the right technology solutions for your business.

Determining the right technology is the first step, but our integrated approach also helps our business clients acquire the human capital they need. Our concierge approach to recruitment provides our clients with the top 3% of candidates who have the education, experience and soft skills to seamlessly integrate as a productive employee within the organization.

In every niche industry, from coast to coast, Urgenci Atlantic utilizes an expansive network of professional recruitment consultants to help your business find the talent resources you need to grow.

Urgenci Atlantic is a Woman Owned Business Enterprise (WOBE) and equal opportunity employer.


How Are Your Competitors Recruiting the Talent You Want?

Learn how to navigate the challenges of a candidate driven market, and how to build a strategy to recruit and retain the talent you need to scale your business.

Companies We Serve


Knowledge intensive and built to scale, Urgenci Atlantic understands that I.T. and SaaS solutions for enterprise organizations require a significant investment of time, resources and ongoing support.

The value equation of a long-term solution that grows in tandem with your changing business needs matters. Private or publicly owned, with more than $1 billion in annual revenues.


Our middle market business clients have teams of 100 to 2,000 employees with up $500 million to $1 billion in annual earnings. Mid-Market companies are responsible for over 30 million jobs in America and account for roughly 1/3 of private-sector earnings annually.

Our clients look to Urgenci Atlantic for KAAS (Knowledge as a Service) consulting on workflow optimization, talent acquisition and technology solutions.


Private Equity (PE) backed firms, venture capital supported or leveraged buyout firms. Expert consulting to allow founders to focus on growth trajectory, with workflow processes and technology designed to support that growth.

Urgenci Atlantic will help you create organizational structure, define the systems and software you’ll need to scale, and help you recruit the innovators you’ll need for a lean and agile launch.

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